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Online Memorial Websites

Memorial Features:

  • Quick & Easy Set Up

    Easily create and update your website with our Website Manager. No web design or programming experience necessary. View and share immediately.
  • Unlimited Pages

    Add an unlimited number of web pages and name them anything you like. (examples: Biography, poems, thoughts, journal, feelings…)
  • Personal Backgrounds

    Showcase your website using our wonderful selection of website backgrounds. You may also use HTML code to link to your own personalized background.
  • Unique Memorial Address

    For example Robert-Peace.Virtual-Memorials.com
  • Share Photos & Videos

    Upload your photos directly from your computer to your Virtual Memorial Website with our easy-to-use upload feature. Upload the link to your video clip anywhere within your memorial - hosting for video files provided by video hosting websites like youtube.com. (VM does not host video files directly)
  • Private or Public

    You can make your memorial private  which will make the memorial accessible only by an invitation and password from you.
  • Play Music

    Upload a song to play with your website. You can also upload audio clips directly to any memorial page.
  • Share Thoughts

    Give your loved one’s virtual memorial a personal feel with your own stories, captions, and comments.
  • Guest Book

    Visitors can write their personal comments directly in the Guest Book.  You have the control to modify or remove any comment if you wish. You can also turn on the approval mode to approve the guest book comments before they are posted
  • Slide Show

    Photos uploaded will fade in and out in the sideshow. The Slide Show displays photos from the photo album that are .jpg images. You can add links to flash sideshows on any of your memorial pages.
  • Visitor Counter

    Keep track of how many people  are visiting your loved one’s memorial.
  • Password Protection

    All of our sites have password protection, so only the person who created the memorial can make edits to your loved one’s memorial.
  • 100MB of Storage

    A full featured memorial includes 100 Mb of storage space which holds approximately 200-300 high resolution photos and 5 songs. If you reach your limit, you can purchase more space. (Additional disk space can be purchased online as needed. You can view your % usage in edit mode)
  • Reliable Hosting

    All memorials  are stored on servers that are monitored and backed up in two states on a daily basis.
  • No Advertising

    There will NEVER be any  pop-ups or banner ads on your Virtual Memorial website.
  • Add HTML Graphics

    You can add any html links for glitter graphics or any graphic to any memorial page.


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