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Memorial created 09-10-2006 by
Kathy Wainscott
Amanda Rose Wainscott
June 3 1985 - May 21 2006

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08-03-2007 1:22 AM -- By: Tina,  From: Michigan  

Dear family of Amanda,

I am so deeply sorry for the profound loss of your precious Amanda. What a beautiful girl. I sorry that she left her family in friends to deal with such a long journey of pain. I see so much love and caring in her eyes. I found Amanda's memorial through the suicide memorial wall, where my only sibling, David is also on.

Your grief is still so new, and raw, and most painful. Myself and my family have had over 7 1/2 years in our grief at loosing our beloved one, David. I want to offer you HOPE, that one day , maybe with time, that your pain will not feel so raw. Everyone griefs different and are at different stages in their grief.

My thoughts and prayers are with all of Amanda's loved ones and friends....

Bless you all, Tina

07-21-2007 9:41 AM -- By: Moma,  From: KY  

Hello Sweet Daughter,

Well I got through my my surgery and am home trying to recoup from it. I still can't talk, I can only sorta whisper, sorta like Aunt Lura, boy would you love to make fun of me now!!! We know you were with me during surgery cause the nurse had on a butterfly smock. As soon as Ashley showed it to me I felt alot better because I some how felt better to think that you were near! I know you are always in my heart, but just seeing the signs from you makes me feel so much better. Your headstone should be in sometime in the next month or so, I hope it does you justice, well nothing could pay you justice, but I think you would approve. We hope that Roxie will be having pups, we A.I her a couple of weeks ago, we will keep one for you, remember how you wanted one to sleep with you. You better be sending a sign to me & Ash what you want to name it if she does have pups, cause your sister is already picking out names. Heck she has already picked out names for her children, but so had you, you girls started that when you were about 10 or 12. I guess Candice is down to her last 6 weeks or so. Jessica's baby is growing like a weed and of course Bethany is still partying like you would be doing if you were here! I just talked to Grandaddy and Granny isn't feeling too good today. He has been feeling really good, so had Granny. Your nieces and nephews are getting meaner by the day, they are also gorwing like crazy. Carlee starts kindergarten, can you believe it? Aaron says she will probally get A.I.M the first week, but I think she will love it! Tristan & lauren are in the same class this year, I don't think Tristan liked it but boy Lauren did! Lauren put veet on her legs yesterday so her legs are now smooth as Lola's butt! And speaking of Lola she is a brut! She is coming into her own! She goes anywhere she wants crawling and when she gets there you know it! Chase has spent the summer with Alissa & Jamie and we all have enjoyed him. I took them all to Chuck E Cheese last week and we had a ball! Well I better close for now, I will talk to you soon, I love you and miss you sooooooo..................................................

07-05-2007 8:18 PM -- By: Moma,  From:  

Hi Baby,

I missed wishing you a Happy July 4th, but I was thinking of you all day. We went to red, white, & boom and got soaked. It started raining again when they played your song, it was you, wasn't it? There are so many signs you send, and probally even more I miss everyday. I was thinking how you would have enjoyed yourself yesterday and Ash said, " No way would Amanda stay out here and get soaked!" Then when that was over we went to Alissa's house and she had some very unwelcomed visitors and showed her breeding! But they all jumped on the bandwagon with her! Well I have to go, I will write you later, I love you and miss you sweetheart, more than anyone will ever know!

07-02-2007 4:53 PM -- By: Glenna Todovich,  From: Louisville, KY  

I lost a son in 2003 so I do know how it hurts to loose part of your heart My sincere condolences to you and your family. Take comfort in the fact that we will all be together agian one day.

06-28-2007 2:31 AM -- By: Moma,  From:  

Well I went back to the Doctor today to get my results from the biospy and it wasn't what I had hoped for! I have to have surgery the 12th and have part of my thyroid taken out along with the tumor. He said he might have to take it all out, but wouldn't know until he got in there. I am not gonna worry about it till I have something to worry about. I went out to eat with Bethany, Jessica, Candice, & little man Kendall. Candice is really nervous, but I think she will be fine. they are having a shower for her next weekend. She is living with her boyfriend. I hope she is happy. Jessica is alittle mother hen, fussing over Kendall all the time, she reminds me of myself, when I had Angie, I wanted to hold her all the time. Bethany is a party animal, if you were here you would be right with her! The big fair is in town and last night Lola got 2nd place. It was hot and she was sweating, she tried to pick on the babies on each side of her and then she proceeded to eat her number they gave them. Well I just wanted to tell you I love you and miss you so much and what was going on around here. I will write later! You are always in my heart!

06-20-2007 2:22 AM -- By: Moma,  From:  

Hi Honey,

Well tomorrow I go to my doctors appointment, I am alittle nervous. The only time I have had to really go to the Dr. was when I was pregnant, this is all new. Well Father's Day was last Sunday and Daddy got a new grill. He never had got his old one fixed since you have been gone, and the first thing he said is I wish Manda was here I would cook her a big steak. He did love watching you eat those big t-bones, and fixing those loaded taters! We would be almost done eating and you would be just starting! No matter what we are doing you are with us, eating, watching tv, going shopping, just talking, everything, you will always be with us. I always wonder what you would come out with, some saying that would make us all laugh! I think I am gonna put lavender & purple flowers on your grave next cause you always called me Barney when I wore purple and called Candace , Baby Bop, I think she might look like that now, I haven't seen her, but you knwo she is cute as a button, and you would be rubbing her belly and making over her. Jessica said you would have a room fixed up for you and you would be spoiling Kendall big time! I know you would Lola, she is a sight, she will give you five and patty cake and play peek a boo. She is a hoot! I wish you were here to she her wrinkles, she has as many as Roxie did! Well I better close for now it is after 2am and I better get to bed! I am keeping your hours now! I love you and miss you more and more everyday! Till I see you again, I love you!

06-19-2007 12:02 AM -- By: Autumn,  From: Phoenix, Arizona  

Hi Amanda,

I know I never knew you (wish I had) but I've learned alot about you here from reading your lovely memorial page that your sweet momma made in memory of you :) I couldn't help but cry while I was going through your memorial site. You are such a beautiful girl and I'm so sorry that things happened the way they did. I have been talking to your momma she is a dear lady with a big heart and I know that she loves you and misses you so very much. You are loved and missed by so many people much more than you will ever know. Your legacy will continue to live on forever and you will never ever be forgotten. Love and Hugs, Autumn

06-10-2007 3:57 AM -- By: Poppy Helgren,  From: Henderson NV  

Kathy: Amanda's smile radiates from her pictures. What a beautiful girl!! I know how you must miss her. Hold on to the good memories. She will always fill your heart. That love never goes away.

06-08-2007 4:18 PM -- By: Debbie,  From:  

What a beautiful web site for Amanda Rose,she seems like such a special person,I am so sorry for your loss, my Chris was 21yrs. 20days, A/A single car, they probably had a lot in common, summertime and all, it is so very hard for me, I see his peers enjoying life and moving on, here we are-stuck it seems, anyway, I have not made a memorial site for him yet but plan to, love to you both, Chris mom, Debbie

06-08-2007 7:50 AM -- By: Debbie Booy,  From: Va  

Mom to Chris Booy 7-15-85/8-4-06 they must be running around the heavens together smiling

06-05-2007 3:06 PM -- By: Leana Jo Hover,  From: Prescott Valley, Az.  

(sorry I missed by a couple of days)...

Happy Birthday, Amanda whereever you are. We may not know you, but we love you. I will meet you someday up there in Heaven. Rest in peace, pretty lady...

Love, Leana.

06-04-2007 8:16 PM -- By: Gail,  From: Georgia  

Kathy and Amanda Rose,

Heartache that should never be felt by any one person has left us shattered. This website for Amanda Rose shows such beauty and love. I'm so sorry we have to endure the loss of a child. Hugs to you and your family.

Gail Kristin's momma forever 06-19-88 - 01-15-05 auto accident

06-04-2007 7:54 PM -- By: Ladonna,  From:  

Dear Kathy, I'm so very sorry that you had to celebrate Amanda's birthday without her. I hope you found some peace in the day through memories of past birthdays and happy times spent with your beloved daughter. God Bless and Keep You.

In God's Love Ladonna, Allen's Mom 5-4-70 - 5-23-06

06-04-2007 8:34 AM -- By: Moma,  From:  

Well, Amanda, I made it through your birthday and "angel" date, but I still think of you every day and always will! Everyday is your special day! I love you & miss you so much!

06-04-2007 8:23 AM -- By: Helene,  From:  

Dear Kathy,

Thinking of you and remembering your beloved Amanda Rose on her birthday today. Take care.

-- Helene Kelly, mom to Krista Kelly 11/23/1976 - 7/12/2005 Ruptured Brain Aneurysm

"There is no friendship, no love, like that of the mother for the child." ----Henry Ward Beecher

06-04-2007 8:22 AM -- By: Janice,  From:  

Dear Kathy, I visted your beautiful Amanda Rose memorial and it is such a tribute to her. I too lost my daughter last June 15, 2006 in a car accident. She would have been 22 just this past March 21st. I am sending you lots of prayer and hugs on this special day. (((((((Kathy) )))))) Happy Birthday Amanda Rose. Janice, Mom of Kristen, forever loved and remembered

06-04-2007 8:21 AM -- By: Ladonna,  From:  

Dear Kathy, I'm so very sorry that you had to celebrate Amanda's birthday without her. I hope you found some peace in the day through memories of past birthdays and happy times spent with your beloved daughter. God Bless and Keep You.

In God's Love Ladonna, Allen's Mom 5-4-70 - 5-23-06 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Michigan One Step at a Time.... One Day at a Time... Sometimes One Breath at a Time. Allen, you are forever on my mind and in my heart. I love you.

06-04-2007 8:19 AM -- By: Steffi,  From:  

Dear Friends,

To all of you who's children have B-days and D-Anniversaries in JUNE... I want you to know that you and your precious son's and daughter's are always in my thoughts & prayers and close to my heart... I pray that you will be surrounded by their love... I pray for strength for you, as I know how difficult those days are.

sending you much love & warm hugs

Steffi Aaron's Mom forever brutally murdered @ 18

06-04-2007 7:46 AM -- By: Vitality,  From:  


I am sorry of your pain and distress during this time, it is so close of your daughter's birth and memoriel dates. I know that this day is meant to celebrate the birth and life of your daughter, and I hope the day was one that you call recall her with happy and loving memories.


06-03-2007 11:47 PM -- By: Shirley,  From: Ma  

Dear Kathy,

I just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and your precious Amanda Rose. I hope the day was filled with many memories of happier times. Take care and peaceful thoughts.

Shirley My Katie, My Sunshine 5/15/75 - 9/10/03 Feeding Hills, Ma

06-03-2007 11:43 PM -- By: Terrie,  From:  

Dear Kathy,

My thoughts and prayers are with you on Amanda's Birthday today.

Love,Terrie www.joey.virtualmem orials.com.

"All We Are Is Dust In the Wind"

9/8/80 - 9/3/02

06-03-2007 11:42 PM -- By: Rita,  From:  



Prayers and Oceans of Love,

Rita Josh's mom Joshua Paul Cope 7/25/79-8/12/ 00 passenger single car accident

06-03-2007 11:42 PM -- By: Terrie,  From:  

Dear Kathy, So sorry I wrote her birthday was today, Happy Birthday Wishes for Amanda tomorrow. I will visit her website.

Love,Terrie www.joey.virtualmem orials.com.

"All We Are Is Dust In the Wind"

9/8/80 - 9/3/02

06-03-2007 11:36 PM -- By: Judy,  From:  

Your are in my thoughts as I see your post. Here is a big hug to let you know that you have a friend. My girlfriend told me last night 'it is over a year now". And my response to her was "it is ups and downs" and "I have a hard time cleaning out the closets because everything from photos to cards pop up". Guessing you are having the same issues.....it is those little things that pop up. At times it brings tears because I miss time with my daughter. Yesterday I am cleaning out my junk drawer and a photo pops out that I forgotten that I took of Adrienne. Yep, cry. Crying is healthy --- that's my thought. Try to keep yourself healthy and know POS is always here. Peace and love. Judy S. Mom of Adrienne

06-03-2007 11:35 PM -- By: Dorothy,  From:  

Kathy, I do hope this day passes with happy memories of other birthdays. Hugs and prayers. Dorothy Alan's Mom 7-7-70--7-19-92

06-03-2007 11:30 PM -- By: Brigid,  From:  

Dear Kathy,

What a truly beautiful name your daughter has. I just wanted to tell you that I will remember Amanda Rose on her birthday tomorrow and I'll light a candle for her, next to my Christine's.

I sincerely hope the day is not too hard for you.

Love, Brigid Christine's Mom 1/20/75-2/26/02 www.mydollychristine.com

06-03-2007 11:29 PM -- By: Bob & Lynda,  From:  

Dear Kathy & family,

We are sending POSitive thoughts and holding you in our hearts on the Birth Date of Amanda. May the happier memories help to ease the pain and may the day pass as peaceful as it can. Take care.

(((((((((((( (((Kathy & family ---- Amanda's Mom & family)))))) )))))))))

With love and in friendship, Bob and Lynda of Watford, England Parents of Darren, 15th December 1978-31st August 1998 Died by hanging whilst on holiday in France

May our children's spirits continue to fly, on....on, into the great blue yonder "Loved today, yesterday and forever more" "Forever In Our Hearts"

06-03-2007 11:28 PM -- By: Karyl,  From:  


I have asked Arlyn to find Amanda on her birthday and give her a birthday hug. Arlyn said she would.

Arlyn also said she'd get the other POS sons and daughters to go with her, and they will sing the happy birthday song to Amanda.

Listen and you may hear them.

Love and peace, Karyl, mother of Arlyn

Arlyn Maria Beal 25 Jan 1978 - 7 Aug 1996 Suicide by Gun

Karyl Chastain Beal Columbia, TN Ph: 931.388.9289

06-03-2007 11:26 PM -- By: Mindi,  From: Pa  

Kathy, Today, as you remember your sweet Amanda on her birthday, know I am here in Pa. holding you so very close to my heart. May only happy memories find you today. (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Kathy ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Mindi -Michael's mom, 7/24/77-5/23/01 I breathe in, I breathe out, I put one foot in front of the other. I take it one day at a time..... Friend of Amanda E Lindner 10/19/81 - 12/19/02

06-03-2007 11:24 PM -- By: Debbie,  From:  

------------------ Dearest Kathy, I'm still here.....holding you and your sweet Amanda Rose close in my thoughts on her Birth Date today. I too have to endure my daughters birthday and memorial dates close together. I wish you timeless and cherished memories of those birthdays past, together with your baby girl. I hope they can help today pass more gently for you. Take care Kathy, today and always.

Love and Friendship, Debbie Lawless, Mom of Alicia Ann September 25, 1984 - September 29, 2002 Manitoba, Canada Forever In My Heart Forever My "Little" Baby Girl ------------------


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