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Memorial created 09-10-2006 by
Kathy Wainscott
Amanda Rose Wainscott
June 3 1985 - May 21 2006

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06-03-2007 11:20 PM -- By: Angela,  From:  

I do not know the words to bring you comfort on the day that you have to go through on the day you brought your precious Angel to our plain of existance. But I hope you make the day the way you want it and have and share the greatest memories they gave to you that you will always have to hold on too.

Angela, mother of Thomas Thomas Anthony Herman 7/27/86 - 4/7/06 Passenger Single Car Accident Head Trauma

06-03-2007 11:19 PM -- By: Terry,  From:  

Happy Birthday Amanda!! Hugs to you Kathy(((((() )))))!! Terry~mom of baby FAith

06-03-2007 11:18 PM -- By: Tammy,  From:  


Happy Birthday in heaven today, for your precious angel, Amanda Rose. We love you and are thinking of you on this very special, but difficult day.

All my love and prayers, Tammy Barkhurst Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

06-03-2007 11:17 PM -- By: Jean,  From:  

Kathy, Thinking of you today Amanda's birthday and I hope you will remembering the good days that Amanda brought into your life. God bless you comfort you. Jean John's Mom 6/15/66--9/26/ 06

06-03-2007 11:16 PM -- By: Christine,  From:  

03 B Amanda Rose Wainscott ~ Kathy

Thinking of you and remembering your angel's birthday. Wishing you wonderful memories through the tears. For a special message go to the address below:lucaschristopherross. net/AngelFriends Birthday. html

Christine, Luke's Mom...MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU (Luke Skywalker and Luke, sky... walker)

Lucas Christopher Ross "Luke", October 31, 1979 - April 3, 2001, Age 21, Acute Bronchopneumonia Son of Robin and Christine Ross, Brother and Best Friend of Emily Ross visit FLY US HOME at: LucasChristopherRos s.net

Last entry in Luke's Journal.... "When there is love in my heart and a smile on my face, I need nothing else."

06-03-2007 11:14 PM -- By: Sue,  From:  


06-03-2007 11:12 PM -- By: Kristi,  From:  

Kristi Barkhurst startdreamingtoday@ yahoo.com wrote: Kathy,

Happy Birthday in heaven today, for your precious angel, Amanda Rose. We love you and are thinking of you on this very special, but difficult day.

All my love and prayers,

Blessed are they who mourn, for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4

06-03-2007 9:58 PM -- By: Moma,  From:  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! Today is your 22nd birthday! We visited you at the cemetery, Grandaddy, Granny, Angie, Junior, Lauren, Lola, Alissa, Jamie, Tristan, Carlee, Aaron, Katrina, Ashley, Doug, Bethany, Jessica, baby Kendall, and me, Candice had already been there and left you white roses and a plaque she had made, it was so sweet. Bethany & Jess brought you flowers and we brought you flowers and balloons. We released the balloons and we have already had a call from Mt Sterling, saying they had found one of them! We thought it went via the tanning bed and your old stomping ground! LOL I should get the final drawing on the stone this week, I am so sorry it has taken so long, but it has been the second hardest thing I have ever had to do, the first of course was losing you. I have thought of so many memories of you of your almost 21 years here with me and I know I didn't tell you often enough how much I loved you and how proud I am of you and how SPECIAL you were to me and our family. You were my bright and shining star and now you are in heaven making it even brighter! Sometimes I look up on a pretty day and know it was not always that bright and beautiful until you were there! I miss you so much it hurts, I will never ever get over you, I am not the same person I was last year, my heart is broken and will never mend! I do know there are alot of stuff people stress over that doesn't really matter at all. My children, grandchildren, and parents are the most important things on this earth! Watch over us and I pray you are happy and content fixing hair and working on your tan! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU SO MUCH! YOU ARE FOREVER IN MY HEART AS LONG AS I AM BREATHING! Happy Birthday to you , happy birthday to you, happy birthday my sweet angel, happy birthday to you! Till we meet again, I love you Manda!

06-03-2007 8:33 PM -- By: Janice Norris, GP,  From: Oklahoma  

Kathy, I wish you comfort on your beautiful Amanda Rose birthday. Try to remember all the good times that you had with her. Your tribute to her on this site is beautiful and shows how much you love her and want to keep her memory alive. Happy birthday Amanda Rose, your momma loves you very much. Janice, Mom of Kristen, forever loved and remembered

06-03-2007 9:30 AM -- By: Shelley,  From: Rhode Island  

Kathy, what a beautiful young woman your Amanda Rose is! She has a smile that lights up the sky.

You can feel your love for your daughter on all the pages of her website.

Happy Birthday Amanda Rose.

Shelley, Amy's Mom

06-03-2007 3:01 AM -- By: Edie, Jason's Mom,  From: Louisiana  

Kathy, may you find peace and many wonderful memories today on your beautiful Amanda Rose's 22nd Birthday. Amanda, as you celebrate your birthday in your heavenly home, send your mom some beautiful signs today. She misses you so much. Love, Edie, Jason's Mom

06-03-2007 1:47 AM -- By: Teresa McBride GP,  From: Sulphur,La.  

What a beautiful young women Amanda is. My heart hurts for you because I know your pain. I have lost 2 children, Aaron Golden (22) Nov.14,2004 & Kenzie Roden (26) Feb.7,2006. I'm sure they are good friends in HEAVEN watching over our families. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. what an AWESOME site.

06-02-2007 10:49 PM -- By: Sylvia Vaughn,  From: Elkmont , Alabama  

Amanda you are so beautiful and your Mom loved you so very much . Warm thoughts and Hugs Sylvia Vaughn Tony McLemore's Mom

06-02-2007 8:39 PM -- By: Rita Josh's mom,  From: Indiana  

You will never be forgotten Amanda Rose. A beautiful young womand with a beautiful name. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


06-02-2007 7:37 PM -- By: Terrie,  From: Harleysville,Pa  

Hi Angel Amanda,

Heaven needed a pretty girl like you in his care.

God Bless, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

06-02-2007 7:22 PM -- By: Lyndie,  From: Marco Island Florida  

((((Kathy)))) Your beautiful daughter shines! What a wonderful memorial to her. I know how much you miss her and hope that tomorrow on your angels Earth Birthday you feel a special visit from her to lighten your heart. That will be her way of telling you she is close by and awaiting the day of your arrival. Much love and comforting hugs Lyndie Joey and Amanda heavenly buddies

05-30-2007 2:36 AM -- By: Edie, Jason's Mom,  From: Louisiana  

Kathy, What a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Amanda Rose. As I look at her radiant smiling face, she truly is one of Heaven's most beautiful flowers. May you find peace, comfort and many wonderful memories of Amanda, to carry you through these difficult times. Love, Edie, Jason's Mom 9/25/78~2/15/03

05-27-2007 9:35 PM -- By: Vickey O'NealWoodward(GP),  From: ILL  

Your memorial to your lovely Amanda is so dear. Her smile is magical, one of many memories I am certain you have in your heart and can share with family & friends. I, too, am the mom of Michelle, born in 1985 also but gone from me at the actions of a drunk driver in 2000, and David, born in 1975 but passing at 12 days old in a SIDS incident. I know your heartache. My love is with you.

05-23-2007 5:07 AM -- By: ,  From:  


Your daughter was beautiful girl, and I am glad she grown up in your family, where she was safe and loved. I am so very sorry, to you and her family, for the loss of her, so too young. My thoughts are to you and your family.


05-22-2007 11:28 AM -- By: Natalie,  From:  

Amanda, I am getting to know you better and better through your wonderful mommy. She is doing a great job keeping you here with us through her memories. I hope that you had a good angelversary yesterday and sent your mom lots of signs. Love to you and your family

05-22-2007 9:49 AM -- By: Christine, Luke's Mom,  From: Arizona  


Your website is so very beautiful and so are you!!! I am so sorry that you died. I hope that you and Luke have become best friends in heaven. Please give him a hug for me. This site that your mom created for you is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Your smile lights up all of the pages. Take care Amanda. Your mom misses you so much.


Christine, Luke's Mom 1979 - 2001

05-22-2007 2:33 AM -- By: Ashee Cole,  From:  

I will never forget the one who I grew up with, the one who I fought with and the one who I looked up to. You couldn't be described. You were bad, but at the exact same time, good. Which means you could piss me off, then turn around and make me laugh so hard that I would forgot how mad I was at first and for what reason. I love you Amanda Rose. Or as I use to call you when we was little, Mammie Rose. I will never forget your smile, your laugh, your smell, your crankiness, your humor, your "coolness", your smart ass ability, and most of all I'll never forget the friendship we had, especcially when we were little. I miss you so much, but I do know that you are here with us a lot of the time, even tho we can't see you. And that one day I will see you again, and I cannot wait fot that moment. I love you.

05-22-2007 1:01 AM -- By: Helene,  From:  

Amanda is beautiful. Sending hugs to you today.

-- Helene Kelly, mom to Krista Kelly 11/23/1976 - 7/12/2005 Ruptured Brain Aneurysm

"There is no friendship, no love, like that of the mother for the child." ----Henry

05-21-2007 10:28 PM -- By: Debbie,  From:  

((((((((Kathy)))))))) I'm here, sending you hugs and holding you and your sweet Amanda close in my heart and thoughts on this, her one year Memorial Date. I wish for you, only those beautiful memories of your cherished time together. I hope they will help to carry you ever so gently through this very hard day. Take care Kathy, today and always. Love and Friendship, Debbie Lawless, Mom of Alicia Ann September 25, 1984 - September 29, 2002 Manitoba, Canada Forever In My Heart Forever My "Little" Baby Girl :o)

05-21-2007 10:28 PM -- By: Mindi,  From:  

Kathy, May today pass as quickly and as peacefully as is possible. I hope that you are only remembering all the happy times that you and Amanda had together. Know that we all here, are thinking of you and holding you close in our hearts today. I hope that makes your day a little less hurtful. It does help to know that you are not alone in remembering your child. ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Kathy )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Mindi -Michael's mom, 7/24/77-5/23/01 I breathe in, I breathe out, I put one foot in front of the other. I take it one day at a time..... Friend of Amanda E Lindner 10/19/81 - 12/19/02

05-21-2007 10:25 PM -- By: Mary E,  From:  

Dear Kathy,

Hi, My name is Mary and my son's name is Michael (Mike). I just wanted to let you know that you and your baby Amanda are in my Heart, Thoughts & Prayers...I barely remember my son's first Angel date...I know it was absolute agony but I somehow made it through it...

I hope your day tomorrow passes as gently as it can for you and your family...Year One is always a tough one... I'm coming up on year 3 and it is still very painful...Take it easy and be kind to yourself tomorrow...I hope the Happy Memories of times you spent with Amanda help to soften the sadness of that day...

Many Hugs,

Mary E. mom of Michael Mertens 2/27/80 - 5/22/04 My Golden Boy & Baby Forever... gswh

05-21-2007 10:24 PM -- By: Judy, mom of Chad,  From:  

Kathy hoping you will feel Amanda Rose on her first memorial day in Heaven. She will be the wind on your face and the sun shine in your eyes. she will always be with you. I know how the first year is and each year after. The pain is always there but it is just a little softer. Today was our 4th year and I still cryed. and I know each year to come I will cry. That is just being a mom...Just know in your heart how many beautiful people Amanda Rose is with in Heaven. And my son Chad Allen Ahrens is one of those beautiful people showing her around. Judy mom of Chad 4-11-80 5-21-03 gone but always in my heart and mind every day and night....

05-21-2007 10:23 PM -- By: Judy S,  From:  

Hello; Prayers for you and hoping you have a peaceful day with good memories of Amanda. These days are so hard. Take care.

Judy S. Mom of Adrienne

05-21-2007 10:23 PM -- By: Judy,  From:  


I am thinking of you today with Amanda's first anniversary date in heaven. I wasn't sure I would every make it through the day on Ryan's.

Judy, mother of Ryan

11-1-85 to 9-9-04

05-21-2007 10:22 PM -- By: Bunkie,  From:  

Dear Kathy, I pray today passes as gentle as possible for you. I so remember the first year. Missing them doesn't go away but over time the pain does lessen. I so hope you feel Amanda Rose's spirit and remember all the good times the two of you shared.

(((((((((((( ((((((((( (((((Kathy and Amanda Rose)))))))) ))))))))) )


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