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Memorial created 09-10-2006 by
Kathy Wainscott
Amanda Rose Wainscott
June 3 1985 - May 21 2006



    Amanda's first Christmas in Heaven


Tis Christmas in Heaven


What a beautiful sight,


It's my first one here


Everything is all right.




I've met all our dear loved ones


Who preceded us here,


The reunion was lovely


An event full of cheer.




And tonight we'll all gater


In admiration we'll knell,


For the babe in the cradle


Up in Heaven is real.




I think of my family


That I left behind,


And I pray that your Christmas


Is as blessed at mine.




Please shed no more tears


For my soul is at rest,


Just love one another


Live life to its best.




Yes, Its Christmas in Heaven


So I've heard them say,


Yet, Christmas in Heaven


Happens here everyday.




In Loving Memory of Amanda Rose Wainscott


Your first Christmas in Heaven, We miss you so much! 2006


Love from Mom, Granny, Grandaddy, Angie, Alissa, Aaron, Ashley, & Family




"Christmas Without You" 


The lights are blinking merrily


The tinsel’s on the tree


It sits there in the window


For all the world to see.


The house is filled with holly


And pinecone scents the air


The Christmas cards keep coming


Each one is hung with care.


The gifts are tied with ribbons red


And topped with pretty bows


I’m done with all the details


As far as Christmas goes.


The fire is softly glowing


I think about your touch


But Christmas isn’t Christmas


I miss you oh, so much.


If I could have just anything


My Christmas wish would be


To wake up in the morning


And find you here with me.


I reminisce our Christmas’ past


The joy and love we shared


Moonlit walks and midnight talks


And ways you showed you cared.


Staring at your picture


I long to be set free


Tonight the tears are streaming


As I hold it next to me.


Flakes of snow swirl through the air


I’m braced for stormy weather


I wait for brighter days ahead


When we can be together.


So hold a place in heaven dear


Someday when life is through


I’ll be the Christmas angel


Who shares this day with you.




In Loving Memory Of Amanda Rose Wainscott


Our second Christmas without you, we miss you so much! 2007

Love from Mom, Granny, Grandaddy, Angie, Alissa, Aaron, Ashley, & Family.





Christmas is almost here now.


It'll be our third without you.


And missing you hasn't got any easier.


Closure is so overdue.


We put up our trees and hung the ornaments.


Decorated the outside to light bright.


And through it all, your on our minds.


Even on Christmas Eve as we tuck the kids in tight.


The kids still talk about you and all the things you use to do.


And even though the youngest two never got to meet you,


they will always know you and hear the great stories,


of their Aunt who loves them and watches over them too.


There isn't very many presents.


Money is tight this year.


But the only thing we want for Christmas,


is to have you here!


We'll all light a candle for you,


and keep it lit throughout the holidays.


So that you know we're missing you,


and thats how it'll be always.


I know you'll be there with us,


for the wrapping, decorating, and tying of all the bows.


But Christmas won't be Christmas without you.


We miss you so much this holiday Amanda Rose




Love, Mom, Grandaddy, Granny, Angie, Alissa, Aaron and Ashley

Writtin By Ashley for Christmas 2008





This is the lonliest Christmas
I have ever seen.
We'd already lost one angel,
now another one has flew the scene.

I thought this holiday was about family,
passed down traditions and unconditional love.
Then why does it feel like Christmas
disappeared with you above?

I've pleaded with God for you both back
and for my family to be the family I once had.
I miss our get togethers, story telling, and nicknames,
I miss our great memories, bittersweet talks, and even all the bad.

I guess I'll go on this Christmastime,
pretend like its anyother year before,
act like life is perfect,
even if I'm still yearning for more.

I have to accept that you both are gone,
and absolutly nothing will be the same.
The holidays will come and go,
but I know your love and memories will remain.

Merry Christmas to my Angels,
who I miss more, each and everyday.
I take comfort knowing you are both with family,
even if all of us aren't this holiday.

In Loving Memory of Amanda Rose Wainscott & Rosa Lee Holt

Writtin by Ashley Christmas 2009

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