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Memorial created 09-10-2006 by
Kathy Wainscott
Amanda Rose Wainscott
June 3 1985 - May 21 2006



After we lost Amanda in 2006, we just started to see how big of a problem suicide is and the stigma that surrounds it. Before Amanda, there were 2 special people that had commited suicide, both at a particulary young age. No one knows how serious this can become. I too have struggled with depression and suicide in the past, along with my youngest daughter. It is the second leading cause of death for adults 25 to 34 years of age and the third cause for ages 15 to 24 year olds. And in fact, in the 10 years between 1989-1998, 307,973 people died as a result of suicide and it is still rising! I knew after Amanda died, that if I could save one person from going through what I and my family have went through, I would do it in a heartbeat. The signs of depression and suicide are obvious and abnormal changes in a person. And in cases, you don't notice them or there are none to notice, like with Amanda. She never had any signs of suicide. In fact, she always talked about her cousin that commited suicide and how stupid it was. But just that one night was enough to take her away from us. Please if you have any thought, what so ever, that someone you love or care about just might attempt suicide, call someone. In the long run, they will be thankful to you and you will be thankful that you still have that certain someone in your life. And if in fact, someone somewhere is reading this and you yourself have thoughts of suicide. Call someone, there is a national hotline. Just think of your loved ones, and even though you might think they don't care about you, they do! Just look what we have had to go through, don't put your family and loved ones through this! I just wish I would have looked a little closer, then maybe I could have prevented it. But life goes on and all I can do is tell everyone Amanda's story and pray that I can help someone in the long run do the right thing. That would be a miracle and a blessing, and the only good thing that could come out of Amanda's death







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