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Kathy Wainscott
Amanda Rose Wainscott
June 3 1985 - May 21 2006

Amanda was born June 3, 1985 @ 6:51pm on a Monday evening. She was a blessing from God and a beautiful baby and she grew to be a beautiful little girl and a beautiful young lady. Amanda was a very happy baby. There was seven years between her and her brother Aaron and I was very young when I had Angie, Alissa, and Aaron so in alot of ways I enjoyed or was more "grown up". When Amanda was born, I had never seen a more beautiful baby. She would lay and coo and grin at every thing. She loved looking at ceiling fans and just laughing out loud at them. Amanda was blessed or maybe cursed (LOL) by a sister eighteen months later, Ashley, they were as different as night and day but they were buddies and later on best friends. When she was growing up she was a very shy little girl that loved to spend weekends with her grandparents and when she got a little older she wanted to stay all the time! At home she had two older and one younger sisters and one older brother. They were my A's, Angela Gwen, Alissa Lynn, Aaron Kelly, Amanda Rose, and Ashley Nicole. I was a single parent and they are were and are my world and my pride and JOY! I had the perfect family, a beautiful one and most of all happy and healthy. Amanda almost never got to watch what she wanted on television, she wouldn't stand up and fight for herself, she was very timid and tender hearted and her little sister was going through some stuff that was hard on all of us and she gave Amanda a pretty hard row to hoe! She was a very bashful little girl and when she started school she was always the shortest one there! I remember one Christmas when she was in kindergarten and they had a play for parents. It was mainly about the alphebet and they each had their own letter and line. Her line was "K is for kitten curled warmly by the fire" and when she said it, she was so nervous, she started stuttering. Then they had to sing Christmas carols, she kept her head down the whole time. Of course I recorded it on tape and from then on it was a joke with all of us poking fun with her! There are so many memories, but they hurt so much, the pain is worse than childbirth and I had five children natural! One time I was really busy doing things around the house and I went to put some clothes in to wash and fold up a load of laundry and while I was doing that Amanda thought that Ashley needed a haircut and a haircut she got. Ashley's hair was almost down to her waist and when Amanda got through with it, it was probally three inches long all over her head, except her bangs and they were cut to her scalp. Then it was Ashleys turn, but before she could do any real damage, I caught her. I just sat down in their room and cried, and they couldn't figure out why I was upset. Amanda said Ash wanted a short hairdo, so she got short hair!! Amanda also loved playing with babies. I would buy real baby clothes for her "babies", they weren't dolls they were her babies! I remember one birthday we had at "Chuck E Cheeses" that she got twin babies and a twin stroller! It was a day to remember! During this time she wore nylon biker shorts over her bathing suit that she wanted to wear 24-7! We would have to steal it when she was in the bathtub and put it in the laundry! Amanda also loved any kind of jewelry, especially rings, it wouldn't be unusual for her to wear 6 or 7 rings on one hand, and remember "snap bracelets"? She loved those too! But her very favorite were the plastic high heels you could buy, she LOVED those shoes! She was a little prissy girly girl and her little sister Ashley was a tomboy! My Mom (Amanda's Granny) always wanted to call them Rose Red and Snow White, but the names were backwards. Of course living in Kentucky, we are Wildcat fans and my son is the biggest UK fan ever, he graduated from UK, but long before that when Amanda was about six years old or so, we were watching a UK basketball game and Amanda happened to be playing in the den where we were watching the game, and somebody was shooting a foul shot and Amanda said "Free throws; if they are free how much do the other shots cost?" That was Amanda and it never changed, she was always making us laugh about someting, she was one of a kind! Some things I remember so vivid and some things come and go, maybe my mind isn' ready to handle them yet, I don't know. By the time she was in middle school she was spoiled rotten and of course when she turned 16, she wanted to get a car, and what Amanda wanted, Amanda got, most of the time. Then Amanda got boy crazy, or should I say, she started looking at boys! I always said she went to church to check out the guys! Anyway my duckling turned into a beautiful swan!!!! She changed, she lost weight, bleached her hair, and started going to the tanning bed! Amanda was always a pretty girl, but I looked at her one day and she was beautiful! She had a million dollar smile! Amanda graduated in 2003 from Anderson County High School in Lawrenceburg, KY. After she graduated she wanted to go cosmotolgy school but changed her mind when two of her cousins were dating girls that were doing hair, she wanted to do and be someone special or different than anyone else in the family. There were seventeen grandchildren counting Amanda so sometimes that was hard doing or deciding something that no one else was doing! I talked Amanda into going to Lexington Community College to just take her basic courses until she made up her mind. After that semester Amanda thought she might like something in medical records so she went to Sullivan College, the next year she liked the idea of making more money so she transfered to Spencerian College because they offered a new course of radiology so she thought she might like. Christmas 2005 was one of the best Christmas' I believe we had, I never could shop for Manda, but I went all out, I got her some of her favorite DVDs, a DVR & VHS player, a coat, some clothes, a gazelle, a purse,wallet, jewerly, and other some things, she was tickled pink. I remember her changing into her new pjs right in the middle of everything! We were watching home movies and singing karoke and we always watched Chevy Chase in "Christmas Vacation" sometime on Christmas day or Christmas night. We always have appetizers and Amanda was stealing the turkey off the rolls. She loved any kind of turkey and chicken, but her favorite was STEAK, her Grandaddy was a cattle man and he started her on steak at a very early age and she new a good steak from a bad one and she would tell you about it in a heartbeat.



About my children, my oldest daughter Angie was born December 4, 1974 and on January 11, 1997 married Junior Coates. Then on April 24, 1998 were blessed with a baby girl they named Lauren Elizabeth. Then almost three months after Amanda died, they had another beautiful little girl named Lola Danielle born on August 16, 2006. My next to oldest daughter Alissa Lynn, born February 4, 1976 and on June 3, (Amanda's birthday) married Jamie Goodlett. With whom on December 30, 1997 were blessed with my first grandchild, my grandson, Tristan Blake. On August 21, 2002, they had a beautiful baby girl with a head full of black hair named Carlee Faith. Jamie also had a another son by his first marriage, Chase Russell. My only son, Aaron Kelly was born August 25, 1978 and got married to a wonderful girl Katrina, on April 8, 2006 and have just had a baby girl on June 10th 2008, naming her Madalyn Rose, after Amanda. Next was my "ROSE", my Amanda Rose. And then last but not least is Ashley Nicole, born December 17, 1986,. She and her "now" husband, Douglas Fannin, just got married March 22, 2008. And I'm sure she will bless me with a grandbaby before too long.

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